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Piksel LTD is an innovative web solution and digital marketing agency that aims to help its clients achieve greatness in the process of digital transformation with the sole purpose of helping those companies in their business growth.




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All good stories start with a cup of coffee (OK, sometimes something a little stronger works, too, but one step at a time people, please!) and an initial get-to-known-you meeting. We get a good idea about the key points of your business, ask the right questions and try to work together to align the company’s strategy in terms of goals, timelines, and budgets. Our dedicated team then does what they do best, and conduct a full audit and assessment of your digital marketing channels, and identifies your target audience and ideal buying persona comparing your marketing communication to the market leaders in your industry.


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After analyzing what you do, we dive into a comprehensive strategy building to deliver the plan for achieving what you need. Starting with the communication strategy that gives your company the proper voice, that gives justice to your company culture and that shares the stories of the people that make your organization, we aim to spread out into creating a unique design, create from scratch or revamp branding, and go into details of the content strategy across channels and platforms that will help your company grow.


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Upon approval of the strategy we move into creating the perfect web solution for your business by determining the look and feel of the user experience and the user journey, doing our magic in creating a clean and functional design, and wrapping things up by developing and testing your website and getting it ready for further development and data-driven digital marketing activities.


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MARKETING, ADVERTIZING AND SOCIAL LISTENING Now that you have the best web site in you industry it’s time to build a fully functional and self-sustaining digital eco-system around it. Monitoring of your brand's social media channels for any customer feedback and direct mentions and creation of sentiment analysis is crucial for any brands today. Our digital marketing specialists and account managers will help you implement an all-encompassing marketing strategy with accent on social media, SEO (onsite and offsite), PR and content marketing, e-mail campaigns and advanced paid advertizing on the most popular platforms (Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), as well as help you increase ROI by using smart re-marketing techniques.


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REPORT AND IMPROVE Reporting is always done in the most transparent manner possible by emphasizing positive and negative trends in our digital activities. By method of iteration (trails and errors) we identify pain points and improve ways to tackle them, simultaneously playing on your strengths to deliver the results you need to grow your business. In collaboration with our clients we are always looking for new strategy, technology and ways to be in line with modern trends and help you be the industry leaders that your clients deserve.

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No mater the stage you are in of the process of digital transformation, Piksel can help you achieve your goals and deliver results. Our team of highly skilled developers, designers, copywriters, marketing specialists and consultants will guide you through the digital world to create the perfect strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

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Our dedicated team of designers can help with any design needs your company may have. We know that most of our partners trust people who can share their vision, so that is why our design team can go beyond digital and offer a full-stack service starting with logo and branding, through print materials, and web design and digital assets. In short, creative is our middle name.

Web Design (UX/UI)

Graphic Design


Photo & Video

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Need a specific piece of web software developed to further your digital efforts? Look no further! We start by analyzing what you have and deliver the most optimal solution. Our development department can handle even the largest and most complex of projects, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Back-end development

Front-end development

App development

Software development

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Trouble bringing traffic to your website/e-commerce solution? Well, that’s exactly what we are here for! Our team of experts will analyze your business and your competitors and provide you with the most optimal channels that will drive the right traffic through your sales funnels.

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Ads (Keywords, GDN, Youtube)

Google Remarketing

Google My Business

SEO (Onsite and Offsite)

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Having your voice heard on social media is no easy task, but get what?, challenge - accepted! Here at Piksel, we really do understand social better than anyone out there. How’d you think you came across our website? Coincidence? We think, not! Just give us a shot and we will reinvent the wheel for you. Well, actually, we will create the right strategy and implement it like pros, but sure, let’s call that the wheel.

Social Listening

Content Writing

Social Media Marketing and Management

Facebook and Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Community Management

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You’ve got it all and think you can do everything by yourselves? Fair enough. But maybe consider that even though you have a top notch in-house digital team, an extra set of eyes maybe the key from going from good to amazing. Avoid the tunnel vision and let us help you grow you business by giving you the insights and ideas you might be missing.

Website Growth Strategy

Digital Marketing Audit and Strategy

Marketing Campaigns

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